Board and Training:  (prices effective Feb 1st, 2015)

Talk to us about a training program targeted to the needs and goals that you have for your horse – whether you want to compete with your horse, have your horse campaigned for you, or simply have a responsive, educated and safe mount.

$900.00 per month, includes two lessons per month for the owner of the horse (on the horse that is in training). Lessons are not transferable and may not be accumulated from month to month.

Half Board & Training: $700.00 per month

Board: $525.00 per month

Pasture Board $275.00 per month (hay additional)

Premium hay surcharge (T/A)  $100 per month

Daily board ( no feed /hay)  $20.00 per day

Does NOT include veterinarian services, worming, farrier, dentist, or other miscellaneous services which will be billed as charged


Lessons on site: $60.00 for 45 minutes

Lessons distance: $70.00 for 45 minutes

Lunging: $40.00

Local Show Fees:

Canterbury and Ocala :  $450.00 (includes shipping & training fees)

Distant Show  $600.00 for a 2 day show (shipping not included)

Distant Show $300.00 per competition day for longer shows (shipping not included)

Shipping fees: $0.75 per mile

Body clipping: $100.00

Regional and National shows:

Region 12 Show Fee $1500 ( shipping fees included)

Region 14 Show Fee $1300 (shipping fees not included)

Sport horse Nationals 2015 - fee pending(includes shipping) plus entries and stalls.

email: with any inquiries